Gudsø Vig

Gudsø Vig is a shallow cove in the southern end of the municipality of Fredericia. The salt marshes by the fjord and the cove contain a rich bird and plant life. There is also a small commons area, which offers a unique view of Gudsø Vig. Gudsø Mølleå defining the area to the west, and Gudsø brook bounding to the east.

The area is a paradise for bird observers. The bay is home to most Danish waterfowl species, mute swans, coots and cormorants, that have a small colony on Kidholmene; the two small islands in the cove.

There is limited access to the area via Gudsø Engvej, and it is only accessible on foot or by bike.


Gudsø Engvej
7000 Fredericia

Andre Naturoplevelser

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