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Ellemose Put and Take

Ellemose Put & Take is located in the beautiful and hilly terrain at "Hygumbakker", 7 km northwest of Lemvig towards Thyborøn. The lake is approx. 6,000 m2 with a varying depth of up to 6 meters. There is also a children's lake.

During the high season, trout are exposed every day. Trout from 1-10 kg are exposed. You can catch rainbow trout, brook trout and brood. There is no catch restriction.

Around the lake there are set up shelters, barbecue, campfire, outdoor cleaning area as well as tables and benches.

In the log cabin by the lake there are handicap toilet, fishing tackle, candy and soda machines as well as tables and benches.

You can easily and conveniently book 2 hours of fishing at Ellemose Put & Take here

There is space for motorhomes with access to the toilet.


Ellemosevej 10
7620 Lemvig

4056 6535

Andre Turforslag

i sejleruniverset Experience Limfjorden
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