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The Hjarnø Ferry

Hjarnø’s lifeblood operates a regular service

The Hjarnø ferry departs from the small cosy ferry town of Snaptun, located on the south side of Horsens Fjord, and from here you can see over to Hjarnø, which is just 500 metres away.

The ferry has more than 30 daily departures in each direction, so you can always get across. You just show up at the harbour - it cannot be booked in advance, and should the ferry be full, then you only have to wait a short while for the next departure.

The ferry is not large, but seats 48 passengers and 5-6 cars, and it takes all kinds of vehicles.

The cosy tour on Horsens Fjord takes just 5 minutes.

If you are a group of more than 10 people going on the ferry, please contact the ferry company in advance.


Feel the island atmosphere on Hjarnø

Hjarnø is quite close to the mainland, but nevertheless offers an authentic and easily accessible island atmosphere. The island has beautiful scenery that invites you for walks along the coast and through the charming town, and on Hjarnø you will find eateries, galleries, small farm shops and accommodation. You can read more about Hjarnø here.


Travel further on to Alrø with the small bicycle ferry

Why not go island hopping and visit the neighbouring island of Alrø too? From spring till autumn, the bicycle ferry between Hjarnø and Alrø takes pedestrians and cyclists between the two islands. The trip is part of the popular route around Horsens Fjord. You can read more about the bicycle ferry here.

NOTE: The bicycle ferry should be booked in advance, and a ticket for the bicycle ferry is also valid for the Hjarnø ferry.


Havnevej 20, Snaptun
7130 Juelsminde

+45 30 70 23 45

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