Along this section of the trail, you will experience Fyn’s lush agricultural landscape and the mighty hills and valleys, known as the Funish Alps, created by the retreating glacier. A detour leads to Faaborg, while the main trail takes you through the hilly terrain of Svanninge Hills down to the coast with spectacular views across The South Fyn Archipelago along the way. Since it is not a looped trail, it is a good idea to take the bus back to Falsled (bus schedules available at or a taxi. 

Use map no. 1 when you hike this trail. The map is available on and at the tourist agency.

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest of its kind in Denmark covering 220 km. The trail circumvents The South Fyn Archipelago and offers amazing opportunities to experience the scenery. The extreme diversity of The Archipelago Trail leads you through this unique cultural landscape with great natural beauty as well as manor houses, villages and market towns all marked by the area’s exciting cultural history. Whilst on the trail, you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Archipelago with its cosy island communities and its internationally renowned birdlife.

The Archipelago Trail is a footpath, which means that it is reserved for hikers only. The entire trail is marked by posts with pictograms showing “the white hiker” – see the photograph.

The Archipelago Trail Guidebook

A guidebook has been published containing descriptions of all the different paths making up The Archipelago Trail, including detailed maps, useful tips and suggestions, as well as information about public transportation and a description of the nature and cultural history of the area. The guidebook is available for purchase on the website, or through tourist agencies.

The Sub-trails of The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail has been divided into 7 sub-trails:

  1. Falsled - Svanninge Bakker (Svanninge Hills) - Faaborg - Fjællebroen
  2. Fjællebroen - Egebjerg Bakker (Egebjerg Hills) - Svendborg
  3. Svendborg - Broholm - Lundeborg
  4. Svendborg - Tåsinge - Siø - Rudkøbing
  5. Lohals - Tranekær - Stengade Strand (Stengade Beach)
  6. Stengade Strand (Stengade Beach) - Rudkøbing - Henninge Nor (Henninge Cove)
  7. Marstal - Ærøskøbing - Søby

Each of the trails has its own map, which is available on and at your local tourist agency.

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