Sårbare områder

Fiskeholm, Helnæs Bugt (Helnæs Bay)

Owing to its rich birdlife, the South Fyn Archipelago has been designated an international bird sanctuary under the terms of both The Birds Directive of the European Union as well as the Ramsar Convention.

On September 1st 1996, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy designated the South Fyn Archipelago as a wild life preserve, which entails both a hunting ban as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic regulations in some of the locations where the birds’ feed and breed. Because of this, the state of Denmark has a special obligation to take care of this natural environment including protecting the birds that inhabit it. 

Some areas in the South Fyn Archipelago are breeding sanctuaries meaning there is a ban on vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the breeding period, typically between March 1st and July 15th. The breeding birds must not be disturbed during the breeding period on the islands, islets and reefs listed above. Also, it is forbidden to be within 50 metres of these areas during this period.

Andre Vulnerable areas

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