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Prizewinning community on Omø

Omø is in every way an island with a unique community. That was the joint agreement of the jury behind the appointment of Island of the Year 2023 when they awarded the island the title.

There are no less than 42 associations on Omø, supporting everything that goes on on the island. There is a winter swimming club and dike guild, evening institute and the Friends of Omø School. Omø Culture and Leisure Association, the Association of Perlestranden and Omø Harbour – and all the others. The around 150 residents on the island step up for every single task that needs to be done to keep the small island community running all year round.

The homeowner’s association Forenet Kredit, the Association of Danish Small Islands and the Joint Rural District Council are behind the selection of Island of the Year. They particularly noticed Omø’s tireless efforts to offer activities and good conditions for everyone on the small island, which has around 150 residents.

A community for visitors

At the harbour, visitors to Omø can enjoy the nice playground and the exhibit at the old drying ground about the time when Omø was a central fishing harbour in the Great Belt and the Smålandshavet waters. Now there are no fishermen left, but the associations on Omø make sure that the harbour is still active and filled with experiences for visiting yachtsmen and tourists.

Omø’s history is conserved by the volunteers in Historiens Hus – ’the House of History’ – that collects stories and finds and publish several interesting papers and newsletters over the year. The association behind it runs a small museum in the village Omø By, half an hour’s walk from the harbour.

You can also get a taste of Omø’s history aboard the Tractor Bus where a local guide will talk about the nature and culture that you pass along the way. The 1-hour-15-minute sightseeing tour around Omø gives you an excellent overview of the island.

There is a strong sense of community on Omø – and now it is also prizewinning. Not just for the island’s efforts for tourists, but also when it needs to secure more daily ferry crossings all year round. When the small handful of the youngest schoolchildren need a school, and when the grocery store remains open outside tourist season. And all the other things that are necessary to make an island community function all year round.

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Sources: The House of HistoryOmø Residents & Landowners Association and Omø's website.

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