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The Juelsminde Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt in Juelsminde

Well, shiver me timbers! Are you looking to get a hold of the infamous Juelsminde medal? Then you need a treasure map. And I would love to share my only remaining copy. But only with you! Psst - you can also get a free copy of the map at the bookstore Buchs Boghandel, situated just a few parrot steps from Kompastorvet on Odelsgade). The walk is about 4 kilometres long, and you will get to challenge both legs and brains when solving tasks along the way. 


How does it work?

Follow these simple steps and get your medal: 

  1. Pick up a free copy of the treasure map at Buchs Boghandel or Titra Dekor (or print it from home). During Easter Week you can pick up your treasure map at Titra Dekor when Buchs Boghandel is closed. 
  2. Follow the instructions and solve the tasks 
  3. Hand in the treasure map at Buchs Boghandel or Titra Dekor
  4. Take home your very own medal as a memory of your experience: #tourdejuelsminde

Enjoy the hunt!


Perhaps Denmark's cosiest harbour town

This popular holiday town with about 4000 inhabitants is packed with charming marina ambient for the whole family, all year round. Visit the shops, the restaurants and the open workshops full of unique art pieces.

Besides the attractions you will pass during the treasure hunt, we have lots of fun activities scattered across town: playgrounds, a crab racing track, miniature golf, great facilities for winter bathing and beautiful routes for biking and hiking. 

Juelsminde is situated between the fjords of Horsens and Vejle, and it is simply the perfect starting point for your holiday. Close to the major attractions in Eastern Jutland - but outside of the big cities, with room for both relaxation and adventure. 

The Juelsminde Treasure Hunt is a collaboration between Destination Kystlandet and Juelsminde Handelsstandsforening. Det Fælles Landdistriktsråd, Hedensted Kommune, has contributed with 25.000 DKK to the project. 


Odelsgade 29
7130 Juelsminde

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