In Det Gamle Apotek (The Old Pharmacy) in Brogade, the famous Danish physicist H.C. Ørsted (1777-1851) grew up with his brother, the politician Anders Sandøe Ørsted. In the pharmacy’s garden, you can still see old trees and medicinal herbs from their day. On Gåsetorvet (Goose Square) opposite the pharmacy, a statue of the town’s most famous inhabitant has been erected. In Ørstedparken (The Ørsted Park) near the harbour, there is a statue of Anders Sandøe Ørsted, and furthermore, the park has recently been renovated, and the old Ørsted Pavillon – the meeting point for inhabitants of Langeland for more than 100 years – has been restored and is ready for new meetings and celebrations.

Rudkøbing still has an active commercial life, and there are shops to suit everyone’s tastes. Just opposite of the town’s main shopping street, you will find the restored meadow Rudkøbing Vejle (Rudkøbing Ford) adjoining Fredskoven (The Peace Forest) – both areas are lovely destinations for a short excursion close to the city and the harbour.

If you are bringing your kids along, you might also want to visit the newly established “Multi Track” near the harbour with opportunities for playing different ball games, practicing parkour or using the playground.

For more information about Rudkøbing, visit www.langeland.dk

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