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Avernakø Hoved, Avernakø

The South Fyn Archipelago is a flooded ice-age landscape, in which you can experience 55 islands, 480 km of coast and 12 different Natura 2000 natural areas (including around half of the Danish Natura 2000 biotopes). Natura 2000 is a network of protected natural areas within the European Union. The areas must preserve and protect its biotopes as well as any animals and plants, which are considered rare, threatened or characteristic of the individual countries in the European Union.

Further information can be found on www.naturstyrelsen.dk/naturbeskyttelse/natura-2000/

What Does This Mean?

You are able to explore wherever you want in The South Fyn Archipelago, except for bird sanctuaries and areas of vulnerable nature. An overview of these areas can be found in the app: “Outdoor Guide – The South Fyn Archipelago” which can be downloaded for iPhones and Android phones free of charge.

Between March 1st and July 15th, thousands of birds breed on the islands and islets of the South Fyn Archipelago. During this period of time, they must not be disturbed, and therefore, you must not go ashore onto the uninhabited islets and reefs, and must keep a distance of at least 50 metres from the coast.

Andre Vulnerable areas

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