Water experiences

If you’re into exploring the underwater world, there are plenty of experiences for you to enjoy.

There are a number of good snorkel trails and dive sites in the area. You’ll find shipwrecks or settlements from the Stone Age. At Møns Klint, you can experience the unique world that unfolds near the cliffs. If you would rather stay above the water, there are plenty of opportunities for surfing, kitesurfing, SUP, canoeing and kayaking.

The area around the Farø Bridges is especially suitable for surfing, and it’s a very popular site among kitesurfers. If you prefer kayaking, Præstø Fjord is a wonderful place to go. Venture out into the blue waters and let your water adventures unfold.

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Water experiences

I SydkystDanmark venter jer mange spændende blå eventyr, over, under og på vandet. Her er gode snorkelstier, dykkersteder og rig mulighed for at prøve kajak og Stand up Paddling.

Examples of experiences
 Boesdal Quarry Boesdal Quarry was closed in the late 70s and Stevns municipality later took over ownership. In 2010, a group of local fire souls of Stevns to utilize the area better and simultaneously provide maintenance and expansion of facilities such as toilets and parking. The area is currently used as a recreational area for free use by local citizens and tourists. Boesdal can be used for outdoor purposes such as, picnics, accommodation in shelter, role-playing, god services depend in the open, etc., but the area is used on occasion for cultural activities, such as. concerts. In 2022, the new Stevns Klint visitor center, which will be located in Boesdal Kalkbrud, opens with a view of the limestone quarry. Nature experiences View on map
 Fjord to Fjord This nature path extends over Zealand’s narrow point from Præstø Fjord to Avnø. The idyllic town of Præstø has everything from hollyhocks to a Michelin restaurant and vibrant harbour life. From there you move into Zealand to Lake Even, then you cross Tubæk and further along Avnø Fjord and the nature centre, where you may be lucky enough to spot seals. Fjord to Fjord is a nature path and is also open to horses and their riders.  Active in nature View on map
 Restaurent Gjorslev Boegeskov Gjorslev Boegeskov.

The history of Traktørstedet Gjorslev Bøgeskov ("Eatery Gjorslev Beech Forest") takes us all the way back to 1875. Here we offer you a wonderful food experience, with the addition of traditional Danish atmosphere in some quite fantastic surroundings. With its charming location - in the shelter of the bright beech forest and close to the waterfront facing the Bay of Køge and facing Sweden - many people characterize this as a genuine and honest unspoiled piece of Denmark, which is only found very few places. We hope that this description has made you take an interest in us and we look forward to welcoming you as a guest at Traktørstedet Gjorslev Bøgeskov.  
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