Experience the Blue Eastern Jutland

Come visit the Blue Eastern Jutland and sail in Viking waters.

Experience a unique sailing area with interesting culture-historical locations and spectacular nature experiences both on water and on land. Get inspiration for your trip on these pages where we have gathered a long series of suggestions for new exciting sailing experiences.

Look forward to visiting the many harbours in Eastern Jutland that offer harbour environments in any category imaginable. Set sail for the intimate atmospheric island harbours or enjoy the cosy harbours along the winding coastline that offers beautiful coves and fishing waters teeming with life. From many of the harbours in Jutland, you can explore city environments within easy reach.

In the Blue Eastern Jutland, you will find many opportunities for outdoor activities.

Go ashore and experience nature along our many hiking paths and bicycle routes, or explore the area in sea kayaks and get up and personal with the wildlife along the shoreline.  

The waters of Eastern Jutland are the perfect point of departure for Viking experiences on water and on land. From north to south, the waters contain a gold mine of historical experiences from the Viking Age and evidence of a highly dramatic period in the History of Denmark. 

Welcome to the Blue Eastern Jutland with unique sailing experiences in Viking waters.

Come visit the Blue Eastern Jutland and sail in Viking waters. Experience a unique sailing area with interesting culture-historical locations.

Examples of experiences
 Falkecenter Samsø At Falkecenter Samsø you can come close to the majestic eagles, the alluring owls, the fast falcons and the clever hawks.  At Falkecenter Samsø the birds of prey and the visitor is the focus point. You will get no closer to nature than here! Here you are drawn into a world of predators which appears in the wild and you sit in the front row and can enjoy nature and animals in their ultimate freedom. Birds of prey have always impressed man and recalled the feeling of freedom. A freedom that is being demonstrated fully when the big eagles unfolds their magnificent wings. The eagle is the national bird of several countries and the epitome of freedom. Sitting there, fascinated by the big birds, you are suddenly awakened by the rush of the falcon, which quickly takes high altitude and plummets towards the ground in an impressive and breathtaking pace. Meanwhile the big old owl sees it all. The owl is the symbol of wisdom and can become older than most people. Come and say hello to our amazing birds. Here you have the opportunity to hold one of the birds. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to stand with an eagle with a wingspan of 2.3 meters on your hand! In short: Here are experiences for people of all ages! Prices Adults: DKK 130,- Pensioners, students, companion cards and Samsø Island cards: DKK 100,- Children (4-12 years) DKK 70,- Children (0-3 years) DKK 0,- Family discount (2 adults + 2 children) DKK 350,- Season ticket 2020 Adults: DKK 250,- Children: DKK 150,- Discounts Group discount: 10+ people = 10% 30+ people = 15% 50+ people = 20% For private session: extra cost of 2,000+ standard ticket fare. Nature experiences View on map
 Bygholm Park The green breathing space of the city Right behind Horsens Station, quite close to the bustling life of the city, you find this large, peaceful park. There is room for relaxation and cosiness in this charming bit of nature. Impressive old trees, several small lakes and open, well-planned lawns characterise the landscape and provide the perfect setting for cosy times spent outdoors. And there are plenty of green zones where you can enjoy your packed lunch or the view.   A paradise for children If you grew up in Horsens, you would definitely have childhood memories of Bygholm Park. A large and inviting playground serves as excellent bait for the little ones. Here, the young ones can frolic for hours while their parents sit at the tables benches where it is also possible to barbecue. The park's many ducks and geese also bring joy to the little ones and, in winter, the natural skating lake is a magnet.   The old manor house The park is found by the beautiful manor house Bygholm, whose history dates back to the 14th century. Today, the building serves as a hotel. When visiting the park, you can also enjoy a good meal at the restaurant at Hotel Scandic Bygholm Park. Near the manor you can find the remains of Erik Menved's Castle. The old medieval castle is long gone, but remains of the rampart can still be seen. You can climb the small hill and read about the history of the place.   Play a game of disc golf with your friends Scattered around the park, there are disc golf baskets that are free to use. You can borrow equipment at Scandic Bygholm Park and try a fun and different activity.   Let your dog off the leash Bygholm Park is a nice place to walk you dog. And you can let it off the leash in the fenced dog forest and let it play with other dogs.   Also, visit the lake Bygholm Lake At the edge of the park, you find the forested area Åbjergskoven Forest and Bygholm Lake which has one of the most popular hiking routes of the area. Take a walk in the forest or embark on the 7-kilometer-long charming walk around the lake while visiting Bygholm Park. The combination of the well-kempt park and the natural forest by the lake provide a formidable nature experience. Activities for children View on map
 FÆNGSLET - The prison museum Experience the dramatic award-winning museum The walls of the old Horsens State Penitentiary could tell many violent, fantastic and fascinating stories. As a guest at the museum, you are guaranteed to have a unique, thoughtful and memorable experience you will never forget. As soon as you enter Europe's largest prison museum, all your senses are brought into play. The exhibitions offer experiences that can be seen, heard and smelt. Precisely for this reason, a tour of the fantastic building is a great experience for both children and adults. And this is why the museum has repeatedly won awards for its exciting exhibitions. You are given the exceptional opportunity to get behind bars and meet former inmates as shadows on the walls or follow an employee through the museum via interactive ID cards. Life in the PRISON and the story of the Danish prison system are also told through the use of screens, telephones and intercoms. On the walls, doors and closets, you can read the sometimes vehement, sometimes humorous messages from the inmates painted or drawn as an eternal reminder of their time in the state penitentiary. Together with the digital tools, they help to tell the authentic story of life behind bars.   Lorentzen’s incredible escape tunnel Experience the impressive, 18-metre-long tunnel by escapee Carl August Lorentzen that led from his cell to freedom. Digging such a tunnel required an enormous amount of hard work, dedication and perseverance. The inspiring story of Lorentzen was then on everyone's lips and it taught the Danish people that "Where there is a will, there is also a way".   The dark dungeons The underworld - this is what the prison museum calls its most recent exhibition which can be viewed in the old dungeons. The dark cellar was once used for punishing, executing and disciplining the inmates and this is your chance to see the gloomier side of the prison with its painful tools for punishment.   The many exciting stories Learn about Horsens State Penitentiary's role during World War II. And get to know Werner Best - the leader of the German Armed Forces who was sentenced to death after the war and served time in Horsens. See where and how inmates sentenced to death were executed in the early days of the prison in the 19th century. And how did you go about things when inmates got married and wanted romance? The Prison Museum is filled with captivating tales. But do not worry, the prison no longer holds inmates. So, unlike the great escapee Carl Lorentzen who always dreamt of freedom and thus dug his way out of the Horsens State Penitentiary, you are free to leave again.   Do also visit the city’s other exciting museums Experience four museums in Horsens with just one ticket: The museum card gives you seven days’ access to the Prison, The Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum. Learn more here. Cultural experiences View on map