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 Fishing at Samsø The varied coastline of Samsø offers unique opportunities for fishing: Garfish, sea trout, mullet, various types of flatfish and occasionally a cod. Those are the most common species along the coasts, so whether you are bait, fly or spin fishing there is plenty of opportunities. Around the year    
The sea trouts are probably the most attractive prey for anglers – and they can be caught all year round. Samsø has no rivers or other fresh water possibilities, which puts a natural limit to winter and early spring fishing. Therefore the season doesn’t really start until April. The shallow south/southeast facing hollows with dark bottoms now holds shoals of sea trout. In May the garfish arrives and gather in large numbers in Stavns fjord. One can often see them move close to the surface when the sun shines. This is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to join, armed with fishing rods. Summer
In late May, the first mullets arrive to the island and can be seen in the deep areas as dark shadows along the bottom. These are hard to catch but they can be lured with a fly or a piece of bread. The mullets stay around the island throughout the summer and leaves again in September. Autumn
In September the mullet fishing is peaking and the fishing for sea trouts during daytime is once again in focus. From around October and a month ahead one can often watch them jumping on the reef. October is also the best time of the year for fishing flatfish with dab and flounder to be fished directly from the coast. Tips and tricks  If you are fly fishing, patterns like PK9 flash, aura shrimp, and polar magnus have proved to be extremely effective. At night it is advisable to try a black fly or a big black wolly bugger. As for spinning a narrow silvery lure like ‘Sølvpilen’ is very effective, but especially in autumn smaller copper colored lures or a coast wobler are superior. .If you want to try out mullet fishing the most effective method is float fishing with bread preferably on small treble hooks  If you prefer fishing with a fly, then the “green avenger” is a good choice – especially for the mullet.
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 Gallery Kirkesvinget Gallery Kirkesvinget exhibits painting, ceramics, crafts and much more. The exhibiting artists are primarily islanders or from the local area around the island. Look over to get an insight into Hjarnø's culture and creativity. Cultural experiences View on map
 Marselisborg Lystbådehavn Mediterranean atmosphere by the seaside. If you and your family want to have real fun, and preferably in the open, the Marselisborg Marina is really perfect for it. In the marina there are lots of great-looking yachts and exciting boats for you to look at. From the many piers you can fish for crabs and starfish. There is also a children's playground where you can pump water into and through the canals, and you can learn the names of all the water creatures in the marina. If you get tired or hungry, you can always drop into one of the restaurants ? or the ice cream parlour which is one of the best in town. There is also a marina shop where you can buy fish nets, crabbing gear, life jackets, sailors' clothing, and all sorts of sailing equipment. East Jutland Harbours View on map