Archipelago map - The South Funen Archipelago

Examples of experiences
 Ærøskøbing Shipping has always been of immense importance for Ærø. In the 18th century, the amount of cargo shipped from Ærø was huge, and the Ærø skippers achieved worldwide fa... Cultural environments view on map
 Lyø Trille (Lyø Bar) and Giesela Da lyøboerne kom ud af fjerene den 19. maj 1937, fik de syn for sagn om, at for østlige vinde er der ikke læ ved Lyø Rev. En tysk tjalk på 46 registertons ved navn Giesel... charts stories view on map
 Ommelshoved The South Fyn Archipelago is a flooded ice-age landscape, in which you can experience 55 islands, 480 km of coast and 12 different Natura 2000 natural areas (including arou... Vulnerable areas view on map