The Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera – thousands of adventures await you!

Royal North Zealand, the Danish Riviera, Copenhagen’s green front garden… It goes by many different names! 

Visit beautiful North Zealand, where countless amazing adventures await you. 

While the world has an abundance of stunning beaches, the coasts of North Zealand boast some of the best beaches in Europe and a totally unique holiday ambience.  The beaches and the idyllic harbours line the coast like a string of pearls. You will discover how each harbour is totally unique, but how they all share a common history of thrilling seafaring and trade. Eat at top-notch restaurants and charming cafés. Read our nautical tales and cock-and-bull stories of pirates and shipwrecks. Get to know the friendly shops on the north coast and enjoy an ice cream in the harbour. Listen to a concert from your boat. 

The Danish Riviera is a place for romance and relaxation, cultural activities and an abundance of opportunities for quality time with the people you care about. Work up a sweat with a healthy bike ride in our beautiful countryside or enjoy total peace of mind as your fishing rod gently bobs in the crystal water. You simply must disembark from your boat for a tour of North Zealand, relishing all the experiences that await you in this stunning corner of Denmark.  

Visit us and discover our fascinating North Zealand – all year round!

-Thousands of adventures await you!


Ten beautiful harbours line the coast of the Danish Riviera like a string of pearls. Visit us and discover all the things that make North Zealand such a unique destination.

Examples of experiences
 The nature playground by Esrum Abbey The exhibition room and the abbey vault will during 2019 undergo an extensive renovation. This means that the exhibition "Abbey life" and the reformation game "Faith, Power & Chaos" will be closed until the middle of October 2019. The festivals, holiday activities, food tales and much more will still take place. See more at The store has temporarily moved to Møllegården. Here you can get genuine abbey products, Trappist beer, local delights and much more. This is also where you can get information about pilgrimage, events and much more. Møllecaféen is open as usual, and there is free access to the nature playground, the abbey garden and the outdoor exhibition "Experience the landscape". Esrum Abbey now has a brand new nature playground inspired by medieval villages, with plenty of opportunities for play and exercise for children and childish adults. It is open all year and the admission is free. Fortress, ropeway, trebuchet, and eating house. The units of the nature playground are all rooted in the Middle Ages and the villages of that period. Several units are inspired directly from medieval tools and buildings. When your legs get tired you can settle down in the eating house with your lunch pack, or with twist bread coked on the open fire. The playground lies east of the abbey by a pleasant nature trail leading from the parking lot. Activities for children View on map
 Klosterruten - The Danish Monastic Route in North Zealand Klosterruten – ”The Danish Monastic Route” – is 2000 km long and covers all of Denmark with its starting point in Helsingør and finishing point in Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland. It is laid out on the basis of 50 historical locations, of which 40 are monasteries, abbeys and convents from the Middle Ages; hence the name. It is a highly cultural route that can be followed on foot or on bicycle. The journey takes you from abbey to abbey and past historical churches – in exactly the same manner as when travellers in the Middle Ages went on pilgrimages, only with a modern twist.Even though the pilgrimage route is not quite the same as in the Middle Ages, it still has its roots in the philosophy of that time: That a pilgrimage is not just a physical travel. Much of the trip is about the inside; about reflection and contemplation.Therefore, the route offers both historical sightseeing and beautiful scenery, and it takes you along small roads and trails, giving you a chance to see the best that Denmark has to offer. This guarantees you a quite unique experience, whether you find your inner peace while being in beautiful, quiet nature scenery with lots of space around you or while sensing the presence of history in the atmospheric old buildings you pass along the way. Klosterruten is not marked out in the countryside, but there are detailed maps in the guidebooks of the route that you can follow. There are seven books in total, in which the route is divided into stages. You can easily decide only to follow the North Zealand stages of the route: Helsingør to Slangerup is described in volume 3 and Slangerup to Roskilde in volume 4. If you follow the North Zealand stages of the pilgrimage route, your experiences will include: -       The Carmelite monastery in Helsingør-       Hammermøllen (the Hammer Mill)-       Hellebæk Kohave nature reserve-       Gurre church-       Castle ruins of Gurre Slot-       Skt. Jakobs Kapel (Saint Jakob’s Chapel)-       Esrum Kloster (Esrum Abbey)The guide books will also give you an overview of possible overnight accommodations along the route, ranging from primitive outdoor shelters to five-star luxury hotels, enabling you to plan a trip exactly to your wishes. Please note that if you travel the route by bicycle, there may be stretches where you will have to wheel your bicycle or follow an alternative route.Source: Klosterruten.dkPicture: VisitDenmark / Cees van RoedenCoordinates:  Latitude: 56.036758, longitude: 12.613254
Latitude: 55.844664, longitude: 12.169411
Latitude: 55.642021, longitude: 12.086674                       
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 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art A unique setting Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humlebæk, North Sealand, in a beautiful old park offering magnificent panoramic views of the Sound. The museum buildings lend themselves beautifully to the park, which is landscaped with open lawns, shady woods, a view terrace and a gorge down to the beach. The park provides a magnificent setting for Louisiana’s large sculpture collection. Twentieth-century Modern Art Louisiana’s collection of modern art dates from 1945 to the present day. It is one of Scandinavia’s largest collections and contains more than 4,000 artworks within virtually all genres with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. The collection is far too extensive to be displayed in its entirety, but selected works are continuously on view in new dynamic contexts. Permanent highlights include the Giacometti Hall, the Jorn Room and the Kusama Installation.  Classics and shooting international stars In addition to the permanent collection, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art features 6 - 10 major exhibitions annually. Here, the classics of modern art, as well as contemporary international artists and architects, are presented. In connection with the exhibitions, the museum publishes art catalogues in the form of Louisiana Revy as well as special catalogues.  Sculptures in interaction with nature The sculpture park is a major feature of any visit to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art no matter the time of year. The museum’s parkland location facing the Sound and the landscaped parkland provides optimal conditions for a varied and exciting exhibition of the collection’s approx. 60 sculptures.  A vibrant cultural centre for children and adults alike With its relaxed atmosphere, the museum also offers a vibrant and dedicated cultural centre with a rich programme of activities and events for children and adults alike. The Children’s Wing is a universe dedicated to children, where skilled art intermediaries are responsible for child-friendly activities that relate to the current exhibitions. Adults can take part in guided tours, lectures, concerts, films, workshops, literature festival and more. Take a break at the Louisiana Café When it’s time for a break, the Louisiana Café offers hot and cold drinks, sweet treats or a welcoming lunch or evening buffet. House-made dishes using prime seasonal produce. Shop Scandinavian design in the Louisiana Store In the museum’s sizeable two-level store, you will find a large and inspiring selection of new and classic items with an emphasis on Danish and Scandinavian design. Interior, clothing, books, posters, graphics, toys and more.  Visitor-friendly opening hours The museum is open from 9:00 until 23:00 on Mondays to Saturdays, and from 9:00 - 18:00 Sundays so you can plan an evening visit combined with a delicious buffet in the café. NB! Entrance to Louisiana must be purchased in advance, due to Covid-19.  Buy your ticket now! Finding your way The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk Public transport with DOT - Your Public Transport View map location on GoogleMaps   Top attractions View on map