North Zealand - The Danish Riviera

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     Lifeguards along the Danish Riviera 24 beaches with lifeguards in North Sealand Are you heading to the beach to bathe? The entire coast of North Sealand is filled with lovely sandy beaches from Helsingør in the east to Hundested in the west. But there is a sense of security in knowing that a lifeguard is watching. In North Sealand, there are as many as 24 beaches with lifeguards. Both on the large, popular beaches and on the small, intimate ones. So there is plenty to choose from - even if you want to bathe safely. Elite trained lifeguards
    When you meet a lifeguard from the North Sea Coast Life Rescue Service (DNK), the lifeguard has an elite education. This means that the lifeguard is trained in making rescue operations on the coast. The North Sealand Coastal Lifeguard Service's in-depth knowledge of the beaches and local conditions helps the lifeguards to ensure the safety of bathers. Have you talked to your lifeguard today?
    You can also do a lot to look after yourself and others so that a life-saving action is not needed. It is important for the lifeguard's preventative work to have good contact with the beach guests. Therefore, talk to your lifeguard - hear about the local conditions, bathing quality and weather etc. When is the lifeguard on the beach?
    The lifeguards are on the beaches during the school summer holidays and on most weekends during the summer months. If you want to be absolutely sure that there is a lifeguard on the beach, check out the North Sea Coast Life Rescue Service. What beaches are lifeguards on?
    There are lifeguards on 24 beaches in North Sealand, eg. Liseleje Strand, Hornbæk Strand and Nivå Strand.
    You can help the lifeguards by following these tips: Learn to swim so you can save yourself
    Don't go alone in the water - watch out for each other
    Get acquainted with wind and water before bathing
    Get to know the beach - ask your lifeguard
    Keep an eye on the kids  
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     Bendix Copenhagen The combination of a raw and authentic Harbour atmosphere while looking at the calming elegant jewellery designs from Bendix Copenhagen is a unique experience. In a charming narrow alley, you will find the workshop Bendix Copenhagen. It lies up an down other unique design shops on the Harbour. If you are out to spoil yourself or by a gift for a loved one Christina Bendix is definitely worth a visit. Quality, craftsmanship and design. That’s some of the keywords for Bendix Copenhagen and there is both enthusiasm and fascination for the jewellery there. Combine that with educated knowledge and high services. See Christina Bendix jewellery collections Christian Bendix has worked as a goldsmith since 2006. The many years of experience and the well-developed eye for details you will experience in the shop. Learn more about the creator behind the beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Top attractions View on map
     The Nordkyststien route along the Danish Riviera Route no. 47 is a marked route that runs from Hundested in the west to Helsingør in the east, and it is known as the North Coast Route or the North Coast Path. It is around 68 km long, but in several places it is close to the railway line, so you can take the train part of the way. If you travel the route on foot rather than on bicycle, you will encounter several places where a special marking with a blue-and-white hiking symbol indicates an alternative route.On your trip along Nordkyststien you will pass some of the best that the Danish Riviera has to offer. The route will bring you through the port towns of Hundested, Gilleleje, Hornbæk and Helsingør, all of which offer interesting historical and cultural experiences. You will also be passing through the delightful seaside towns Kikhavn, Liseleje, Tisvildeleje and Rågeleje, where you can enjoy the lovely weather on the beach.If you like spectacular nature, the route passes the forests, heaths and nature preserves of Asserbo Plantage, Melby Overdrev, Tisvilde Hegn, Hornbæk Plantage, Teglstrup Hegn and Hellebæk Kohave. Here, a multitude of amazing experiences await you among flora and fauna!If you are interested in history, the route offers an impressive string of sights. Visit the house of polar explorer Knud Rasmussen, Spodsbjerg lighthouse, the holy spring Helenekilde, Hellebæk church and the rifle-and-cloth mill Hammermøllen. If you want cultural experiences, visit idyllic exhibition spot Munkeruphus or Tegners Museum og Statuepark and explore the interesting exhibits there. There are plenty of overnight accommodations and interesting eateries to choose from along the route. You can read more about the route in these two flyers with detailed maps (in Danish):Hundested-GillelejeGilleleje-HelsingørPlease note that the route is not suitable for wheelchairs. Source: Local municipality Halsnæs Kommune (website in Danish)Picture: VisitDenmark / Niclas JessenCoordinates:  Latitude: 56.034826, longitude: 12.616101
    Latitude: 56.044342, longitude: 12.605230
    Latitude: 56.068240, longitude: 12.560769
    Latitude: 56.068240, longitude: 12.560769
    Latitude: 56.094105, longitude: 12.459098
    Latitude: 56.099224, longitude: 12.407279
    Latitude: 56.102450, longitude: 12.381569
    Latitude: 56.119397, longitude: 12.347498
    Latitude: 56.125595, longitude: 12.310735
    Latitude: 56.128275, longitude: 12.281538
    Latitude: 56.111465, longitude: 12.191515
    Latitude: 56.098921, longitude: 12.161901
    Latitude: 56.063658, longitude: 12.078443
    Latitude: 56.036762, longitude: 12.023182
    Latitude: 56.014182, longitude: 11.960907
    Latitude: 55.981703, longitude: 11.871457
    Latitude: 55.974941, longitude: 11.854269
    Latitude: 55.957423, longitude: 11.849310
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