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     Brænderiet Limfjorden The distillery gently handles the special craft of distilling, processing and storing what will later become an exciting selection of whiskies.
    The final goal is that every whisky each has a unique story, taste and wrapping. For the production of the the whisky high-quality, organic barley with a high concentration of starch is used. The organic mash for the whisky production is produced and delivered by the 111-year old Thisted Bryghus. Besides whisky, the distillery producess different types of liquer, beer schnapps, aquavit, rum and brandy. The spices for the aquavit is harvested on Mors and in the Thy area.
    The distillery has a wide range of products, so it's possible to find your own favore schnapps in the selection. Open by appointment. Tel.: 40940000
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     Canoeing the Storå Canoeing river Storå is an activity that brings people close together. Storå river is the perfect setting for both short sojourns on the hydroelectric lake Vandkraftsøen or week-long cycling and canoeing holidays. Paddle peacefully through the West Jutland landscape and see the countryside and the wildlife at first hand. There is almost 100 kms of navigable water along the stretch that starts in central Jutland and then winds its way through copses and heath land to Holstebro, and then on to Nissum Fjord. There are basic campsites along the route, but you could also choose more comfortable accommodation at the luxury campsites and hotels in the area. Descirption of the route and camp sites.

    Canoeing on Storå is allowed between June 1st. and October 31st., every day between 9 am and 8 pm Book your canoe here
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     Handbjerg Strand Handbjerg Strand is located in the Venø bay, and more precisely located at the bottom of the Limfjord between Vinderup and Struer. The beach is very child friendly and is close to a holiday home area. There is a parking space with toilet facilities, and only 50m from the parking space to the beach. Handbjerg Strand is classified as "Fristrand" which is a beach that can be used as a nude beach. The beach is close to the beautiful Handbjerg Marina where there are good opportunities for surfing, and there are also good bath and toilet facilities. Here you can for example also rent adult bikes, kayaks, SUP m.m. It is also possible to enjoy your dinner at the Restaurant Pavillion, for instance you can get shooting star, fish tapas or the popular fish buffet.  Sights from Handbjerg Marina. Water Experiences View on map