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    Examples of experiences
     Surfspot I Thorsminde North North of the marina you will find few nice sheltered spots. The place is mostly sheltered from S-SW winds. Providing left hand runners on its day and classic beach break waves on average. Beware, the local surfers at this spot are there when it’s good and you don’t want to go directly to the peak, be patient and gain respect, soon enough it will be your turn.
    Sea bed: Sand
    Wave type: Beach break.
    Start working at: all sizes
    Hold wave size:  Over head
    Best combo: Swell: SW Wind: SE-E
    Favourable Swell: NW, W, S,SW,N, Big NE
    Favourable Wind Direction: S,SE,E,NE
    Suitable for: Intermediate and above
    SUP: ok if there are few surfers only.
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     Mundbjerg Trail Mundbjerg and the surrounding landscape have emerged during the last ice age. This means that there are many different types of nature in a rather small area: lake, meadow, bog, dry hills and valleys and thus also a varied vegetation and wildlife. Read more about the Ice Age landscape at Geopark West Jutland's website. The area is designated by the state as an area of ​​special cultural-historical value - a so-called cultural heritage area. Findings have been made from almost all periods of ancient times. Most notably, a settlement from the Viking Age. The nature trail was established in 1995. You dived into the history of the area and found among other things the old school path from Søndermølle to the "new" school in Mundbjerg. Through the scrub on the south side of the valley, the nature trail follows the old school path. This area is protected by the Komme with oak crate. The nature trail (red route) is connected to the Stubbergård Lake path (yellow route). This means that from Herrup you can use paths directly down to the lake. Either to go all the way around the lake (yellow route, 15 km) - or to walk the beautiful walk along the lake at the Holy Source and back to the path again along the dotted route (gravel road). Cultural Experiences View on map
     Via Stryget to Søndre Plantage Start on Enghaven and advance to Lille Østergade, Færch Torv (Færch Square) and Magic Cliff a sculpture you can climb. Cross Sønderbrogade to Danavej, and follow Sveavej past Ålund allotments. Continue down Steen Blichers Vej past Storåen allotments. Next pass Stryget, built in 1989 to allow salmon and trout free passage past the dam. About 1,000 litres of water pass through Stryget every second so there is quite a current. Cross Ringvejen, and turn into Tujavej in Mejdal. Then cross Prins Buris Vej and enter Søndre Plantage (Southern Plantation), one of Denmark’s oldest municipal plantations. Dalgas was the man who took the initiative to have the plantation laid out and he planted the first tree personally in 1866. Next, follow Lyngstien, Skovstien and Skovbakken to Svinget behind Holstebro Museum and Holstebro Art Museum. The entrance to both museums is in tobacco-manufacturer Rasmus Færch’s villa, which was converted into a museum in 1967. Holstebro Art Museum boasts world class modern art and Holstebro Museum houses premodern, medieval and modern collections. Follow the path behind the museum and cross heading towards Åstien and returning to Færch Torv by Lille Østergade. Lilac route on the map. The hike is 6 km. Trip Suggestions View on map