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 Skyttegården First class restaurant with professional service. Restaurant Skyttegården has banqueting cozy rooms in beautiful surroundings - right in the center of the Hjerl Hede Free Museum. "Skyttegården" originates from Gjerrild in Djursland, where it belonged to the estate Sostrup served as a residence for the manor shooter. The most important task of the manor shooter was in wildlife care on the land of the goods and to deliver the necessary game to the household of the goods. In urban forests, the forest staff often had a living income by driving a tractor station where people could eat the brought food and buy boiling water for the coffee. The house is built around the 19th century. The load is from approx. 1850, and the outhouse is from the late 18th century. The buildings are now decorated to the restaurant and banqueting rooms, and the outbuildings are equipped with toilets and handicap toilets. We have good conditions, and meeting and conference rooms for up to 300 people. Restaurant Skyttegaarden is open from 1 April to 30 September and on the weekends in December in connection with the Christmas activities at the Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede. Cultural Experiences View on map
 Store Ryde Mølle Store Ryde Mølle is hundreds of years old and is idyllically situated in hilly terrain. The distinguished old mill consisted of both farm, mill, bakery and grocery trade and has belonged to Rydhave Slot. Store Ryde Mølle is one of many water mills, which over time has utilized the power of the water here in the melting water valley. The road passes through the building complex and you automatically set off to enjoy the view and hear the water's noise from the mill lake. Once you get through the nice courtyard you can stop for a moment on the hilltop and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Store Ryde Mølle. The mill is mentioned back in history. Only in the first 30 years of the 20th century the farm became a living center for western part of Ryde. Also, farmers from Handbjerg and Borbjerg transported their grain to the old mill to ground the grain. In the farm there was also a fairly large feed stuff business and bakery which was shut down around 1910. In 1922-23, the electricity came to Ryde and the farmers got their own grinding mill. Thus the interest in large mills disappeared. The mill is currently privately owned. Kulturmilieus View on map
 Klosterheden Woods Klosterheden Woods

The Klosterheden Woods are the largest planted woods in Denmark. They are a very popular destination for day-trips, as a network of paths has been established for ramblers, cyclists, horse riders and joggers.
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