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 Restaurant Fænøsund Marina Welcome to a world of delicious food and with a view to a real maritime environment. To a cost where everyone can join in. Because we love food. Children- and family-friendly. We offer a large fish and seafood buffet from June to August.

Sep. - May Events only - +45 6441 2838.
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 Whale Watching in Fredericia On a whale safari in The Little Belt, you and your family will meet the porpoise, one of the world’s smallest whales. Aboard the ship, the view is divided into sections like a clock face, so it is important to be alert – and be the first one to see a porpoise’s dorsal fin when it pops out of the water. That’s when you shout: “Porpoise at 12 o'clock!” This means that everyone aboard is responsible for keeping a lookout – who will spot the most porpoises? And in addition to seeing the porpoises, you will also be able to listen to them, if conditions allow. When a suitable number of porpoises have been identified, those aboard are invited to listen closely. You’ll hear the clicking sound the porpoises make when they 'talk' to one another underwater. In the pilothouse, you get to be the helmsman and help the skipper sail the big ship and bring the passengers safely through the waves. The skipper will show you how to steer the ship based on his commands. After the journey, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a nice diploma.  Water Experiences View on map
 Nature Reserve Hindsgavl Dyrehave In a landscape dating back to the 13th century, it is possible to go experiencing in a Nature Reserve, which offers great opportunities for outdoor activities, due to the many different types of nature – the paths at coast and Belt, the magnificent slopes and views, and the more intimate hiding spots. Whether you prefer quiet walks or outdoor activities, you will find the perfect conditions at the Hindsgavl Peninsula. Marked paths for walking, running, horse-riding, biking or an orienteering race between the placed “steady posts”. Map of Hindsgavl Peninsula here Nature Experiences View on map